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Tired of living in a hyper capitalist hellscape?

Want to just DESTROY everything you come across?

Boy, do I got a deal for you!

MÄNTEATER by TEAM 404 lets you do just that.  Based on the arcade classic “Rampage,” Mänteater lets you grab the controls of the titular Mänteater (a giant mutant anteater hell-bent on destruction) and wreak havoc on all polluting factories you can get your claws on. Eat your opponents, smash a spider-tank into pieces, collapse a building or two or twenty—how far can you go before you get overwhelmed?

Mänteater features a hand-drawn pixel art style, a thrilling soundtrack, multiple level layouts, and custom illustrations to keep you entertained while you try to get the highest score you can!

► Streamlined arcade-feel gameplay
► Randomized level order so each game session is unique
► High score to keep you coming back for more
► Keyboard and game pad support
► Supported platforms: Windows 64bit

This game was created as a part of TAMK Games Academy 2022 Fall Semester by a team of six students.
Programming: Eetu Hentunen, Jesse Leppä, Kristian Törmä
Art: Nika Toikka, Ronja Heimonen, SM Aho


ManteaterFinal.zip 44 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip, double-click "Mänteater.exe" and  enjoy!

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